What Services Does a Personal Care Community Include?

For retired adults, personal care is an option that can include supportive services, like assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs).

When you hear the term “personal care community,” you may think of comfortable apartments with support services, but still struggle to define the activities that you could receive help with. That’s common, especially for people who are more familiar with the term “assisted living” versus “personal care.”

While personal care and assisted living are often used in similar ways, there are key differences between the two options. Personal care communities provide support to all residents to help them remain happy and healthy throughout their stays. In this article, we’ll explain exactly what personal care community is and the services it provides.

Personal Care Residences

Personal care residences are a good fit for adults who no longer want to keep up with the maintenance of a private home. They include private or shared apartments that you can typically furnish with your favorite pieces.

Residences are available on beautifully manicured lots with 24-hour security. Each apartment is spacious with plenty of privacy, even if the room itself is shared. A professional landscaping team completes yard work and maintenance staff is hired to perform any repairs. Trash and snow removal are also completed for you at a personal care community. All utilities will be included, such as cable television and online access. The only utility residents need to handle on their own is personal phone service.

Communities also include social areas for residents. Research shows remaining social as you age prolongs your lifespan and reduces your risk for serious diseases such as heart disease and cancers. To make maintaining an active social life easy for residents, personal care communities provide:

  • Large gathering rooms as well as private spaces for family meetings
  • Group exercise classes along with exercise equipment and pools
  • An entertainment schedule with social activities planned

Communities like the Heritage of Peachtree offer a town-like atmosphere for each resident. Within the community, residents are able to access a private theater, barbershop, beauty salon and library.

Personal Care Community Services

Although personal care communities vary, each will typically provide highly trained staff members who can help with an adult’s daily living needs. The goal is to allow for each adult to remain as independent as possible while being there to give support, as needed. This is one of the most important services offered and typically revolves around the activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs.) ADL assistance services often include:

  • Help with bathing and personal care, such as dressing, grooming and oral care
  • Assistance with toileting activities and managing incontinence
  • Help transferring, including changing positions, walking and climbing stairs
  • Assistance with eating and nutrition

Assistance with the activities of daily living is often important for alleviating stress on residents and their families. However, most personal care communities go beyond these basic services. They also provide help with IADLs that frees up residents’ time to pursue their interests and enjoy their lives more fully. IADL services might include:

  • Help with cooling or full meal preparation
  • Assistance managing medications and dietary restrictions from medications
  • Help with household chores, such as cleaning and doing laundry
  • Assistance with transportation, such as rides to and from doctor’s appointments

A personal care community like Heritage of Peachtree provides all meals to residents and accommodates any specialty diets like reduced sodium meal plans. The community provides assistance with getting around and can escort residents to mealtimes and social activities. With a concierge available, staff also assists with any personal information needs or activity scheduling that residents may want to look into.

Many communities also provide additional security and accessibility options. For example, there may be an emergency response system in each bathroom in case the individual requires immediate help. Walk-in showers with handrails are offered for those with mobility issues. These additional features are small amenities that greatly increase the comfort of residents.

Personal Care Versus Assisted Living

Definitions of assisted living and personal care communities are legally different from state to state. Assisted living communities are required by most states to provide certain levels of medical care options to residents. In Georgia, assisted living communities must provide 24-hour monitoring of residents with medications given through a licensed medication aide. The state also dictates how all community buildings must be set up. As an example, a maximum of two residents are allowed per room with separate lavatories for staff and residents.

In comparison, personal care communities are less restrictive and more focused on holistic wellness and daily living activities, although the best also include 24-hour health monitoring. Residents are largely independent, enjoying their lives at their own pace.

Personal care communities are hyper-focused on the individual and his or her level of comfort. Unlike assisted living communities, personal care communities have more amenities for residents looking to get active and enjoy time with friends, family and community neighbors.

For more information on regulations surrounding personal care and assisted living communities in Georgia, visit the Georgia Department of Community Health.

Personal Care at Heritage of Peachtree

At Heritage of Peachtree, we take personal care to another level. Our community includes personalized support in the beautiful location of Peachtree City, Georgia. We aim to provide a supportive living environment that assists residents with daily living tasks while increasing the joy they feel every day. We believe in a holistic approach to personal care and we concentrate on keeping the body, mind and spirit healthy. Contact our friendly team members today to arrange a tour of our welcoming community.