Savor every meal.

Rediscover your love for dining in with our hassle-free community dining options. Every meal includes chef-prepared entrées served restaurant-style, so you can enjoy an exceptional meal without leaving the comfort of the community.

Gather your friends and family.

You’ll find plenty of people to dine with in the community, but at Heritage of Peachtree, we always welcome other friends and family as well. Invite those closest to you to join you for a meal in our dining area. We designed our senior living community with plenty of room for visitors, so take your time and savor your meal before moving to a recreation room or relaxing on the porch.

Meals tailored to your needs.

We know that everyone has unique dining preferences and dietary restrictions. That’s why our chef always takes the time to talk with residents, getting to know their individual needs. We’ll take into account any allergies or sensitivities you have, as well as other dietary requirements, to ensure you get the best possible dining experience.

Diverse choices.

Our menu changes daily, so you’ll always have a new meal to try as well as old favorites. Take advantage of healthy options and delicious comfort food depending on what you’re craving.