Discover personal achievement through engagement.

Strengthening your mind, body and spirit is a priority at Heritage of Peachtree.

Salus™ by Solvere, our wellness philosophy, offers programs that assist you in achieving your goals. Grow in the physical, social, intellectual and spiritual dimensions by forming connections in our positive senior living community.

SALUS (SAL-us), noun. Latin for “well-being.”

Peachtree City senior facility wellness - Salus

Salus, our branded wellness philosophy, targets your ability to accomplish your goals. This doctrine is integrated throughout the offered services and amenities at our Peachtree City community. Be encouraged to use your one-of-a-kind skills through our Salus programs to sustain your well-being.


Salus highlights the Four Components of Wellness — each piece crucial to a meaningful life.

  1. Peachtree City Personal Care Facility ProgrammingPhysical: Improving overall health with an active lifestyle and healthy eating to reduce the risk of disease and disability.
  2. Social: Strengthening existing friendships and family connections and cultivating new friendships at our community.
  3. Intellectual: Participating in learning initiatives and programs to stimulate the mind.
  4. Spiritual: Continuing in your adventure to finding meaning and purpose through involvement with faith-based activities.

A mentally stimulating and active lifestyle is needed for healthy aging. Salus encourages you as you connect with others and meet your personal goals.